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Food & Lodging

The town of Porterville, on your way up the mountain, is your best bet for stocking up on groceries, gas, and other essentials. Stores include Target, Smart N Final, Food 4 Less, Walmart, and the new ALDI on Hwy 190 by Home Depot and Lowes. 
While you are on the mountain, there are stores, restaurants, and lodging available in some of the communities, as summarized below.
  • Gifford's Market has a wide variety of items for sale including gas, propane, diesel, groceries, meat, produce, deli sandwiches, BBQ, beer, and wine.
  • The community Patton House is part thrift store and part gift shop offering souvenirs and local items for sale. Gifts and other items are also available at The Station.
Giffords Market in Springville
Pierpoint General Store
Pierpoint Springs
  • The Grill offers in-restaurant and patio dining, as well as carry out food for picnics. On Tuesday nights, it offers a Family Night dinner.
  • The General Store has a wide variety of items for sale, including  drinks, ice, beer & wine, groceries, snacks, household & hardware items, frozen food & ice cream, camping equipment, souvenirs, and fishing supplies. 
  • Pierpoint Lodging has six guest rooms.
  • Pierpoint Bar & Grill offers free WiFi for its customers so you can check your email before continuing up the mountain! Remember, cell phones don't work well starting below Springville.
Camp Nelson
  • Camp Nelson General Store & Hardware has a wide variety of items for sale including gas, groceries, cold drinks, beer & wine, groceries, produce, snacks, household & hardware items, frozen meat & ice cream, camping equipment, games & toys, video rentals, and fishing supplies.
  • The Slate Mountain Saloon (formerly Nelson's Place) is next door to the Camp Nelson General Store & Hardware). 
  • The Camp Nelson RV Park has 2 cabins, RV spaces, and tent camping sites available to rent spring through fall (it's closed in the winter). Call Trudie at 559-542-2471.​​
  • The Camp Nelson Lodge has 10 rooms for rent but is currently closed for renovations.
Camp Nelson store.jpg
Cedar Slope Brew.jpg
Cedar Slope
  • The Cedar Slope Brew is located on Hwy 190 at the turn to Cedar Slope. It is open Fri, Sat, and Sun and offers coffee, breakfast, wine & beer, pub food, and more.
Ponderosa  Lodge
Ponderosa - Note: Sadly the Ponderosa Lodge burned down in 2023. We are hoping it will be rebuilt in some fashion but its services listed below are not available at this time.
  • Ponderosa Lodge includes a restaurant, bar, general store, and a  lodge (two guest rooms). It offers a wide variety of food and drinks, an indoor and outdoor eating area, a bar area, and a pool table in back. There is a Chili Cookoff in May and a pizza & movie party every Friday night.
  • The general store area of the Ponderosa Lodge has drinks, groceries, snacks, household items, camping equipment, souvenirs, propane, secondhand and handmade items, and beer & wine for sale.
  • Ponderosa Lodge also offers free WiFi for its customers.
Mountain Top Bed & Breakfast has two rooms and a cabin available for rent.
Airbnb and VRBO
There are also private cabins for rent on the mountains, such as through Airbnb and VRBO. The Airbnb and VRBO cabins in our most popular areas are shown below but it is a good idea to double-check their location using the map view before booking.
Giant Sequoias in Sequoia Crest
Area Campgrounds

There are several campgrounds available to visit in this area. Use the links below for directions and more information.

Camp Nelson area:

Belknap Campground *

Coy Flat Campground *

Camp Nelson RV Park *

Ponderosa area:

Upper Peppermint Camping Area **

Lower Peppermint Campground *

Redwood Meadow Campground *

Quaking Aspen Campground *

Springville area:

Wishon Campground

* Closed in the winter

** Dispersed camping, no services

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