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Golden Trout Wilderness

Note: all info and pictures are from before the Castle Fire.


The Golden Trout Wilderness is a 474 square mile designated wilderness area. It is open to hikers, backpackers, fishermen, and horse pack trip visitors, and features breathtaking scenery and rivers and lakes full of Rainbow, Golden, and Brook Trout. 

View or download a Golden Trout Wilderness Brochure

Info and maps for hikes into the Golden Trout Wilderness originating from the Sequoia National Forest


Wilderness permits are required for overnight stays and campfire permits are required for campfires.

Information about wilderness and campfire permits


You can pick up your permits at the Springville Ranger Station on Highway 190 just past the River Island Country Club/Golf Course on the way up the mountain.

According to the National Parks Service, a California fishing license is required to fish for people 16 years of age or older. Apply for a fishing license online

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