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Jordan Peak Lookout & McIntyre Rock

Note: all info and pictures are from before the Castle Fire.


McIntyre Rock and the Jordan Peak Lookout are both accessible from Sequoia Crest. Take the private road located on SE side of Sequoia Crest on Ponderosa Dr. to the parking area at the gate to Poppy Lake. Walk past the lake through a meadow area to the Jeep road and take a left. (You can also access the Jeep road from Redwood Dr. before you enter the Crest to save time.) Watch for signs to McIntyre Rock for spectacular views (you should be aware that the trail can be hard to follow at times). Follow the signs another half-mile or so up the steep trail to get to the Lookout. The hike is about 6 miles round trip from Poppy Lake with a elevation gain of about 2,000'. Sadly, the Jordan Peak Lookout was lost in the Castle Fire.

You can also reach both of these attractions via a Jeep road and a shorter hike from the Ponderosa area.


Directions to and more Information about the Jordan Peak Lookout Trail

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